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Jones's Medium T.S. was designed to compete with the Singer 13 but had a number of advantages including a larger shuttle capable of holding more thread.
Not much is known about these Medium machines although at least 40,000 were made few examples have surfaced. We are fortunate to have three slightly different versions.

Jones Medium

Jones Medium      Jones Medium T.S. Serial No.12502.

This machine would seem to date to the early
1880's. The decals are sightly worn as is the woodwork. Instead of a drawer there is an accessory box with hinged lid mounted on the table top to the right of the machine. The bobbin winder has the Patent Number 2864 and another number - 98651 the meaning of which eludes us. The Company's Trade Mark is stamped on the shuttle slide plate.
The stand is the earlier version with the fly- wheel being driven directly from the pitman

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Jones Medium

     Jones Medium T. S. Serial No. 20296.

Probably made three or four years later than the previous machine. The decals are in really good condition as is the wood work, it looks like it has hardly been used. It came complete with oversize shuttle and seven bobbins. It has a drawer mounted beneath the table and the head is offset to the right.
The stand is the later type with the pitman attached to a cranked shaft which drives the fly-wheel. Centre Decal

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Jones MediumTransverse Shuttle

Jones Medium T. S. Serial No. 33774.
Another example of this superb machine but this time it has a central drawer with recessed knob and the woodwork has a very attractive colour. See also
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The decals are slightly worn but the paint on the stand is in very good condition. It came with shuttle, 6 bobbins, a couple of nickel plated hemmers and an original if somewhat tatty manual.
We would be grateful for any further information about this Model.

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