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Sometimes its easier to make a mask or stencil that fits your project - and have some fun designing along the way.


The various templates and masks i've created for projects can be downloaded here.
(Free for personal use only).

Click on a link to download

town mask

Town Mask for Umbrella Man Tag. The mask is 6" wide and when cut will give two pieces, one to use as the skyline and the second to position and mark the windows.

Raindrops mask

Raindrops Stencil
Two sizes of Raindrops to use on various projects. The drops are designed to give a repeat pattern.

Moonhills mask

Moon/Sun & Hills/Snowbank Stencil
Multi functional mask that can be used for Moons, Suns and landscapes.
Available as .SVG and Silhouette file

perspective path mask

Perspective path Stencil
A path that has perspective and appears flat.
Available as .SVG

path mask

Path Stencil
A path with pavement blocks.
Available as .SVG