F & L Hopkinson started trading before 1881 and by 1885 had a shop with workshops at 49 & 51 Cleveland Street, Doncaster.
There were at least three versions of the Hopkinson sewing machine with this being the last version which encloses most of the workings.
I have found no adverting for the Hopkinson Brothers sewing machines which, to me, indicates that the machine was made in limited numbers and possibly mainly sold in the Doncaster area. If you have any additional information on the company please Contact Us

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 Hopkinson Brothers sewing machine

Hopkinson Serial No. N/A.

This unusual machine probably dates to the 1880's, the decals are quite worn unusually the oiling holes are highlighted in gold.
The company's HB Trade Mark is on the side of the cloth plate support

 Hopkinson Brothers Trade Mark

The Tension discs are mounted on the corner of the needlehead which is most unusual as is thread guide which is part of the casting.

Hopkinson Bobbin Winder

The bobbin winder is "primative" with no level wind and there is no mechanism to disengage the balance wheel for bobbin winding

The slideplate is inset into the rear of the clothplate and is stamped Hopkinson Bros Manufacturers Doncaster.

Hopkinson Bros sewing machine Rear