Canada had a small but important sewing machine manufacturing industry & whilst the majority of those companies remained small there were two noatble exceptions Charles Raymond & R M Wanzer. Both of whom used Canada being a dominion of the British Empire to develop enormous export trade to Great Britain & its colonies

Many companies remained small and only made sewing machines for relatively short periods before disappearing sometimes leaving only a name or machine to history.

Our aim is to establish a comprehensive list of Canadian Sewing Machine Manufacturers, the machines made and dates of production.

The list provided below is in its infancy and will be updated as and when new information becomes available to us.

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The information produced here is taken mainly from primary sources, that is actual advertising and other company promotional material. Where necessary secondary sources have also been used, for example books, newspapers and magazines printed prior to 1920.

Unless otherwise stated a Company may have been in existence before or after the date given or the machine may have been produced before or after the date indicated.

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J.W. Abbott & Co. Est by 1866 - 1875
Factory: St Catharines, Lincoln, Ontario.
Founder: John William Abbott
Machines Made:
  • The Abbott
    Production 1871 - 2,500
  • Appleton Manufacturing Co. 1872 - 1874
    Factory: Hamilton 1872
    Machines Made:
  • The Appleton 1872
  • Arms & Worswick
    Factory: Guelph.
    Machine Made:

    Bowman & Hespeler 1872
    Factory: Hamilton.
    Machine Made:

    Canada Sewing Machine Company
    Factory: Hamilton
    Founders: George & John Webster
    Machine Made:
  • The Webster 1872 - 1875

  • Empress Sewing Machine Company 1885 - 1888
    Factory: Toronto
    Machines Made:

    Fergus Manufacturing Company c1875 - 1877
    Machines Made:
  • The Barclay

  • Gardner Sewing Machine Company 1871 - Nov 1886
    Factory: Princess Street, Hamilton.
    Founders: F. A. Gardner & F. M. Wilson
    Machines Made:
  • Gardner
  • Royal Victoria March 1885
  • G. W. Gates & Company 1865 - 1875
    Factory: Toronto

    Gould Rotary Sewing Machines Ltd inc 1917
    Factory: Toronto
    Founders: Frank Regan, Edward Murphy, Glen Sullivan
    Machines Made:
  • Gould Rotary

    Guelph Sewing Machine Company. 1874 -77
    Guelph Sewing Machine & Novelty Works
    Factory: Corner Nelson Cres/Paisley Street, Guelph.
    Founder: Michael A. Keables
    Machines Made:
  • The Guelph
  • The Osborn

  • Keables,Osborn & Company Est 1869 - 1872+
    Factory: Guelph
    Founder: Michael A. Keables
    Machines Made:
  • The Guelph (reversible) 1870 - 1872
    Production 1871 - 7000 p.a.

  • Hespeler Sewing Machine Company

    Charles Irwin & Company Est 1863 - 1869+
    Factory: Belleville
    Machines Made:
  • Irwin's Improved 1869

  • Lockman Sewing Machine Company 1870 - 1879
    Factory: Hamilton

    Machines Made:
  • The Lockman

  • J. M. Miller & Company 1872 - 1875
    Perth Sewing Machine Co.
    Venus Sewing Machine Co.
    Factory: Perth
    Patentee: John M. Miller 1871
    Machines Made:
  • Venus

  • Raymond Sewing Machine Co. Est 1861 - April 1916 (Bought By White Sewing Macine Co.)

    Factory:Corner Yarmouth Street/Woolwich Street
    Patentee: Charles Raymond
    Agent Great Britain : P Frank 11 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool est 1863 Machine Made:
  • Raymonds Improved Family 1864 ( aka The American)
  • Raymond Household 1872 - 1883
  • Raymond No. 1 1881
  • Raymond No.2 1881
    Production: 1878 - 28,000 machines
  • Rogers Brothersby 1862 - 1863
    Founders: Frederick & Montague Rogers
    Machine Made:

    Singer Manufacturing Company
    Factory: Montreal 1882, St John's,Quebec 1904
    Machines Made:
  • Mainly for Export

  • Wanzer Sewing Machine Company.
    factory: Corner King/Catharine Streets, Hamilton
    Patentee: R.M. Wanzer
    Machines Made:
  • Family
  • Little Wanzer
  • Little Wanzer Straight Race
  • Wanzer A 1885 1886
  • Wanzer B 1885 1886
  • Wanzer C 1885 1886
  • Wanzer D
  • Wanzer E
  • Wanzer F
  • White Sewing Machine Co of Canada Ltd April 1916 - 1922
    Factory: Guelph
    Machine Made:
  • For Export to Great Britain & its Dominions
  • C. W. Williams & Company Est 1861 - Sept 1872
    C. W. Williams Manufacturing Co. Sept 1872 - March 1882
    Became: Williams Manufacturing Co. March 1882
    Factory: Montreal.

    Wilson, Bowman & Company Est 1868 - 1872
    Wilson, Lockman & Company Est 1872
    Factory: Hamilton & Furgus.
    Machine Made:
  • Lockman 1873 - 1874
  • Hamilton
  • Wonder-bilt Products
    Factory: 372 Richmond Street W., Toronto
    Machine Made:
  • Wonder-stitcher (Toy)